Homemade Dog Food? or FreshPet Chicken/Veg/Rice Recipe?

Chuckles is being finicky again, and he’s down to about 15kg, a worrying number. Also, cooking fresh rice, chicken, and rice; chopping/mixing it all up so he doesn’t just pick out the chicken; and making fresh batches every day is becoming time-consuming and tiring. Which would be okay if he ate the fresh food consistently… I’d be happy if all it took was switching to fresh food, more work or not!

Basically, if we mix the food exactly right (size/shape/temperature/bowl type, all matter) and if all the ingredients are fresh enough (he refuses any refridgerated/frozen and reheated food), he’ll eat it. If not, he just backs away and refuses to eat. Waste of good food and frustrating that he’s not eating.

I looked around today, did some research, and come up with this:

Freshpet® Select Chicken, Rice, & Vegetables Slice & Serve Rolls

It’s apparently a fresh food with chicken, rice, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. Best of all, it’s ready made. I’ll still have to talk to Chuckles’ nutritionist to see if this is acceptable, but it’ll make our lives a lot easier if we can just use this instead of cooking every other day for him.

Also, the following is a review of the food:

DogFoodAdvisor’s Review

Best of all, I bought a few packs, and Chuckles gobbled up one meal’s worth and looked pleadingly up at me for more.

I’ll keep you all posted on what the nutritionist says re: the completeness of the food in terms of nutrition.


About palladiameetschuckles

When I heard the words "chemotheraphy" and "Grade 2" and "approx. 50% chance of reoccurance" my first thoughts were: "No, absolutely not. He's mine and you can't have him!" I don't want to share him with cancer, but it turns out I don't really have a choice.
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2 Responses to Homemade Dog Food? or FreshPet Chicken/Veg/Rice Recipe?

  1. Let us know if Chuckles likes the Freshpet Select sliced roll!

    • Chuckles loves it! He gobbles it up and then looks up at us in the hopes that he’s going to get more. I’m not certain yet that it has all the nutrition he requires as a senior dog with cancer, but I’m going to be chatting with his vet and his nutritionist soon to see if there are any supplements he needs. In all honesty, if he likes it enough to keep eating it long-term, it’ll be such a relief for us to be able to stop cooking for him every few days and freezing/refrigerating it in batches. Also, it’s a really reasonable price, so we’d be able to afford to keep him on it long term.

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